About New Earth

New Earth provides youth with mentor-based creative arts and educational programs including poetry, music production, gardening, and fitness. New Earth currently serves 500 young people per week who are incarcerated in Los Angeles County detention facilities and placement homes and in the Orange County Juvenile Hall.

Upon release from incarceration, young people join our New Earth Arts & Leadership center in Culver City, CA where they receive career training, jobs, a fully accredited High School education program, mentorship, case management, nature expeditions, arts programming and wrap-around services that help them re-enter their communities with all the support and nurturing they need to make a successful transition.


New Earth provides mentor-based arts, educational, and vocational programs that empower juvenile justice and system involved youth ages 13-25 to transform their lives, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize their full potential as contributing members of our community.

We are committed to significantly reducing the youth recidivism rate in Los Angeles. New Earth is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization.


In 2004 we founded and began operating New Earth out of a coffee shop. Today we serve 1,800 young people per year in probation camps, group homes, placements and juvenile halls throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We’ve designed programs based on the California Language Arts Standards where students explore writing, music, poetry, performance, and art. Along with our creative programs we provide other educational, mentorship and job training programs in an environment of creativity and introspection, which are critical to foster new perspectives while young people are incarcerated.

New Earth Timeline


New Earth believes that all young people deserve dignity, respect, and equal opportunity. We believe that education, arts, mentorship and jobs are critical in keeping youth engaged, inspired, and free from gang involvement. We believe in the limitless potential of our youth to become leaders when provided consistent and healthy guidance, and support.

New Earth creates new worlds for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth through a series of transformative arts and educational programs and enrichment opportunities that nurture self-expression, stimulate positive growth and address emotional barriers for young people to realize their full potential.


We are committed to justice and transformation.

We push boundaries as innovators.

Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of what we do.

We nurture leadership, self-initiative and personal responsibility.

We are consistently consistent and persistently persistent with a high level of integrity.