Founder & President

Harry founded New Earth in 2004 and has been helping to reform the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles ​County ever since. He earned his Ph.D. in Community, Liberation, & Eco-Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara and now sits on the Advisory Board of its Alumni Association. In 2017, Harry was honored as a CNN Hero, and in 2018 ​he was selected ​as one of 20 inaugural Obama Foundation Fellows from over 20,000 applicants in 191 countries. He brings his leadership and lived experience, with a background in teaching arts and advocacy to systems-impacted youth, to his continuing work as a nationwide activist and educator.


Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Yana co-founded New Earth with Harry in 2004 and has played a key role in growing our organization from a vision to the impactful non-profit that we are today, having served more than 20,000 young people in Los Angeles County. Prior to New Earth, Yana developed her business acumen in the consumer product and personal growth industries – managing and scaling organizations; building, leading, and training teams; and being involved in all areas of business development from marketing to sales to administration. She is a Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) Fellow.


Director of Programs

Selam was born to an Eritrean family and raised in Germany. She is a visual artist and educator who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from San Francisco State University, with an emphasis in sculpture and art history. She is a Los Angeles gallery owner and received special congressional honors for her participation in the Women’s Initiative Business Program. Selam is a mother who is passionate about cultivating the minds of youth through art and committed to serving our members by modeling creative and holistic approaches to growth and transformation.




Veronica began her career as a program coordinator working within Camp David Gonzales and the Dorothy Kirby Center, motivated by her life experience. She grew up in a single-parent household, in the welfare system, experiencing trauma, and grappling with extreme loss at a young age. Veronica’s first role with us was as a Re-Entry Counselor at Campus Kilpatrick, helping youth to transition from jail back into their communities. She later became Program Coordinator at our Center, then Clinical Case Manager, before her current role. She has extensive knowledge of the juvenile justice system and expertise working with young people. Veronica is a dedicated youth advocate and remains committed to providing our youth a safe space to be seen and heard and to realize their full potential.


Senior Manager of Member Services

Evelyn previously worked with YouthBuild USA, where she was a youth advocate and built programs as part of their Leader Council. Evelyn initially served as our Lead Youth Ambassador, responsible for recruiting students to our then-brand-new Arts & Leadership Center. She spoke to young people in their communities about our services and programs and held orientations for newly enrolled students. Evelyn moved on to become Site Coordinator, Explore Program Coordinator, and later our Vocational Program Manager, before transitioning to her current role. Over the years, she’s been instrumental in creating our Center’s foundation and a thriving culture for our members. Evelyn is passionate about creating safe spaces and platforms for future generations to be successful.

New Earth

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