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We serve 700 young people a week in youth detention camps, juvenile halls and placements throughout L.A. and Orange County.

Camp David Gonzales, Calabasas
Camp Miller, Malibu
Camp Jarvis, Lancaster
Camp McNair, Lancaster
Camp Smith, Lancaster
Camp Onizuka, Lancaster
Camp Mendenhall, Lancaster
Camp Dorothy Kirby, City of Commerce
Pacific Lodge Boy’s Home, Woodland Hills
Boys’ Republic, Pomona Residence
Dream Home Care Gaviota, Long Beach
Dream Home Care Allington, Long Beach
Dream Home Care Gardenia, Long Beach
Orange County Juvenile Hall

New Earth has been serving incarcerated and at-risk youth in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities since 2003. We are grateful to have the support of our valued partners without whom none of the work we do would be possible. If you are interested in becoming our partner or would like more information about bringing New Earth programming to your site please email info@newearthlife.org or contact Yana Simone at 310-435-7040