Case Management


The work we do with young people would be incomplete without much-needed full wrap-around supportive services and trauma-informed care that respond to the needs of each individual. Our team of professionals led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), begin the process with a full assessment of each young person, identifying risk factors and uncovering any roadblocks that might stand in the way of our young person’s success.


We realize that many of our young people have life challenges that can keep them from successfully completing their goals and achieving their dreams.  To address these barriers, New Earth provides a variety of supportive services that help our youth get on their feet, stand tall and reach for the sky.  Some of the services youth receive once enrolled at the New Earth Arts & Leadership Center:

Counseling and trauma support, Transportation to the center, Bus tokens & tap cards, Two meals daily, Court advocacy, Clearing traffic/parking tickets, Obtaining driver’s license and/or ID, Legal advice, Resume writing, Setting up interviews and obtaining jobs, Identifying career pathways, Clothing, Baby supplies, Parenting classes, Financial literacy & budgeting, Yoga and wellness classes


Often our young people have needs that reach beyond what we can provide in-house. New Earth has an extensive list of partners that give our youth priority when it comes to addressing their needs. For example housing is a huge priority for young people as most of them find themselves homeless or couch surfing. We provide temporary housing referrals and work hand –in-hand with our clients to create long-term and independent housing solutions. Other needs are substance abuse treatment and therapy which we provide through some of mental health partners both onsite and offsite.