Student Profile

Meet Evan

My name is Evan Brown-Bacchus and I am 17 years old. I was born and am from Los Angeles, CA. Before New Earth I was attending a private Christian school, and could not find joy in anything. I became severely depressed and suicidal and was admitted into hospitals four times, and had gone to a residential treatment facility. Soon after, I had left my old school and began attending New Earth. New Earth has helped me find myself and has taught me to find joy in the things that ultimately bring me happiness. I introduced myself to photography and eventually created a business that consists of shooting portfolios for models that reside in Los Angeles. Through this I was able to obtain a following of 22 thousand followers on Instagram as well as multiple collaborations with underground clothing brands. I also was introduced to the art of rap by a friend that I met at a hip hop show in Leimert Park. Our friendship grew to the point where he introduced me to Tupac’s first manager and mentor, Leila Steinburg. She hold a mic session workshop in Santa Monica, CA every Wednesday  that allows me to express myself through music by creating pieces every week that I perform. New Earth has taught me to realize that I must surround myself with constructive activities that bring me immense happiness to progress throughout my future. Without New Earth, I would still be in a severe depression and most likely not attending school. For this, I appreciate all that New Earth does for youth because I have seen the change that it has made in me.