Unstoppable Movement

What’s with the Unstoppable shirts? New Earth is creating a movement. A sense of empowerment for our young people who come to realize how UNSTOPPABLE they are in anything they put their minds and hearts to. When students enroll at New Earth Youthbuild, but before they actually start their classes they go through a series of introductory sessions called “mental toughness”. A few weeks of discovering their true authentic self, releasing barriers that keep them from being fully expressed and free and integrating into the New Earth culture. All of this happens before they start their academic schedule. Once that period is complete they get an UNSTOPPABLE shirt. To remind them who they are every time they look in the mirror. Let’s make this movement go viral by spreading the word.

Tag someone you know who is UNSTOPPABLE and SHARE WHAT MAKES THEM UNSTOPPABLE on a video clip or a post and #unstoppable #unstoppableNE and @newearthlife