New Earth YouthBuild

In affiliation with YouthBuild USA and in partnership with YouthBuild Charter School of California, New Earth is able to offer our young people a fully accredited High School Education program, career & college pathways and job opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

At YouthBuild programs in the United States and across the globe, low-income young people learn construction skills to help build affordable housing and other community assets such as community centers and schools. Millions of young people around the world have energy, talent, and intelligence that are being wasted solely for lack of opportunity.


YouthBuild USA Mission

To unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income young people to rebuild their communities and their lives.

We seek to join with others to help build a movement toward a more just society in which respect, love, responsibility, and cooperation are the dominant unifying values, and sufficient opportunities are available for all people in all communities to fulfill their own potential and contribute to the well-being of others.

The New Earth Youth Policy Council (YPC)

New Earth Youthbuild believes the intelligence and positive energy of young people must be liberated and enlisted in solving the problems facing our society and communities. YPC Members undergo an election process and are chosen to represent the voices of our student body. YPC members have the desire to serve, to do meaningful work that is of value to other people and their community. They receive intensive leadership and community organizing training to mobilize local people, including neighborhood youth. Leadership development is a central element of effective community development and youth service. 

Core Underlying Convictions

  • ✓ Every human life is sacred, full of potential, and worthy of love.
  • ✓ Human beings have the potential to create a good society in which mutual respect and a reasonably just distribution of resources and opportunities are the dominant realities. Achieving such a society is the central challenge that faces us as a species.
  • ✓ Individuals are decisively influenced by the communities in which they are raised and in which they live. Communities that have a rich set of opportunities, caring relationships, high expectations, and that are organized to meet the needs of their members and the children within them, are the foundation of a healthy society.
  • ✓ Every community needs ethical, caring, committed leaders who have the best interests of the community members at heart and are skilled in bringing people together to set goals, implement ideas, and solve problems. Leadership development is at the heart of community development.
  • ✓ Young people are capable of playing a leadership role and, if encouraged to do so, will bring enormous energy, creativity, and imagination to the work. Existing leaders should bring young leaders to the table.
  • ✓ Homes built to affordable yet high environmental standards enhance the quality of life in our communities, giving people safer, healthier and more affordable living spaces. When young people become knowledgeable about the environment, they become leaders who can drive change toward a cleaner and healthier Earth.

YouthBuild Values

  • Respect for every individual’s intelligence and contribution.
  • Cooperation toward achieving common goals within a caring community.
  • Love for each other, humanity as a whole, and all that is sacred.
  • Courage to build bridges and go where we are not expected to be.
  • Diversity as a source of knowledge, creativity, and connection to the full human community.
  • Commitment to work hard and overcome internal and external obstacles to success, change, and excellence.
  • Integrity to keep our actions and values consistent, to do the right thing even when nobody is watching.
  • Responsibility for the wellbeing of ourselves, our families, organizations, communities, society as a whole, and the Planet Earth.
  • Community as a source of strength and wisdom.