May 12, 2016

Academic Projects

Student Work – Academic Projects

New Earth developed a specialized program for Road to Success Academies (RTSA) students that offered opportunities for students to participate in the creation, design and performance of their own spoken word presentation. Eight students participated in a writing, editing, multi-media driven class during non-school hours geared towards a final culminating performance on August 7th 2015 at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Students created, wrote, recorded and performed their own original musical and spoken word pieces written around the theme of courage and celebrating courage exhibited by heroes of color throughout the 20th century.

Students discovered their own courageous story and how their lives parallel those of the most notable heroes of the 20th century. Additionally, students learned about interacting in groups, speaking in front of an audience and performing among their peers. This experience gave students a strong sense of self and a newfound confidence.

Academic Projects


Students in Camps Miller and Gonzalez designed and wrote a newspaper covering the 1800s-1900s through which they explored topics such as Imperialism, misuse of colonial power, and the Panama canal. The front pages of the newspapers are shown below.

View the Full Project Here

New Earth RTSA PPT

Students conducted a TIP project that explored the pivotal role that youth and student activists played during the civil rights movement in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and today. Through out the project, students used literature, collage, powerpoint, and a skype debate with students at another camp to delve into the question, “How does the call for change push ordinary people to extraordinary action giving hope to a nation?”

New Earth RTSA PPT

Students created and edited videos about elements of the Industrial Revolution and the Stock Market Crash. These Projects engaged students in multiple disciplines and equipped them with numerous skills in a way that only project based learning can do.

New Earth RTSA PPT

This project was based on events surrounding WWII. Each student researched information and acted out their role in what would have been a radio show at the time. Then they created a video with the sound overlay.

WWII Radio Show


Student Work
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