In collaboration with Los Angeles County’s Youth Diversion & Development  Department, the City of Culver City, the Culver City Police Department, and the Culver City School District, New Earth’s Youth Diversion program serves young people who would otherwise be arrested and or/expelled from school within city limits. A unique solution to early interaction with law enforcement and the justice system, our program receives referrals from the police department of youth under the age of 18 who are picked up for minor offenses and non-violent felonies. Their successful completion of the New Earth Diversion Program prevents them from ever being booked in the criminal database. This proven intervention prevents justice system involvement and ultimately plugs the school to prison pipeline.

This revolutionary program provides young people with leadership training in lieu of arrest, suspension, or expulsion – ultimately diverting them away from entering the justice system. This program empowers our young people to make healthier choices by exploring identity, purpose, and a prosperous future through arts and career training.

Each member of the diversion program is required to complete a 12-week class that focuses on holistic interventions, identifying coping skills, life skills, arts, leadership, restorative justice, community, and social/cultural issues. In addition to the class, members individually make a plan with their case manager to address specific goals and needs. When the case plan and the classes are completed, a member will graduate from the diversion program. After care is provided with continued case management, referrals, and enrichment programs.




have No Further Involvement with Police

have Positive Youth Development Outcomes 

have Positive Restorative Justice Outcomes 




Improved Vocational Outcomes 

Improved Housing Status 

No Contact with the Criminal Justice System 


“My experience with New Earth’s Diversion program was very inspiring and eye opening. We received art supplies in the mail one day and to this day I can’t stop drawing. I love writing poems, music, and short stories. Being able to learn the roots of writing and song making helped me understand that I don’t have to stick to just one tree, but instead I can make a whole forest. I can talk all day about how great this program is and how it helped transform my life. Since I was given my stepping stone and I have taken that step, I feel I can move through life as a conscious Black man.” - Xcellen, age 18 

“When I got arrested, I felt like my whole life was over. I couldn’t believe that this dumb mistake I made would affect the rest of my life. I was so scared. I felt really sad and hopeless – that my life wouldn’t amount to anything. To be honest, I went into the diversion program with so much bias. I had all these assumptions and saw it as some chore in my life that I had to finish as quickly as possible, which is funny because now I never want to say goodbye. I started to actually look at my life with this new perspective that got me through the hardest parts of my life. I can honestly say this program changed my life. It’s not just the lessons and dope classes they offered us. It was the support and guidance – the love.” - Julien, age 17 

“The diversion program is honestly a great program for ‘at risk’ teens to get another chance before being put into the system. I really thought it did help me because Ms. Salem was a great teacher that made me understand more worldviews. The same with Eric, he is like an uncle to me since he always checks up on me to make sure I am doing alright, and to make sure I am on the right track.” – Darius, age 17 

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